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Innovative Fabrics in Yarns and twisted yarns for nearly all areas of application

Whether coarse twisted yarns, ropes, technical threads made of polyester or polypropylene, or filling yarns for the cable industry – we produce these qualities in all sizes and appearances. Our modern, wide range of manufacturing technology enables us to be flexible and to quickly find suitable solutions for just about all of our customers’ needs.

Our state-of-the-art yarn dyeing mill guarantees a maximum of process safety, flexibility and efficiency. We can produce all types of spun yarns and filaments as well as blended versions, corresponding to individual color samples, utilizing indanthrene or reactive dyeing methods.

High-performance, proficiency and reliability

Protective work wear places high demands on fabrics. Therefore, you may trust our long term textile competence, our know-how and our innovative strengths. Utilize these advantages for your own success. We offer suitable and economic solutions for any and all applications and intended uses.

Production of highly efficient performance products with state-of-the-art technology

We produce exceptional quality yarns and twisted yarns in state-of-the-art production facilities. Whether cotton, synthetics or blends, twists or core-yarns, natural white or dyed to order– for our customers, we make everything possible.

We are an established, reliable and competitive partner, both, in the standard yarns segment as well as in our customized products segment, which often encompasses unique customer orders.

With concerted acquisitions of a number of special yarn manufacturers the exceptional range of products was further enhanced. Hoftex CoreTech GmbH stands for technically sophisticated core-yarns with applications in the automotive sector and sewing threads. Hoftex Max Süss GmbH produces special twisted yarns for the cable industry as well as paper yarns. Hoftex Färberei GmbH, newly constructed and highly efficient, completes the comprehensive product range.