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Industrial yarns

Here yarns from all others production fields can be found: High-performance yarns for worker's/personal protective clothing, industrial protection, infrared shielding.

Core spun yarns for the automotive industry, conveyor belts, medical applications, antistatic yarns, protection against electronic smog, EMV, ESD and protective workwear.

Core-spun yarns elastic

Comfort and shape retention are important features of today's fashion. Here our yarns have set standards, too. In counts of Nm 70/1 to 200/1 we prove our versatility once again. This field is completed by our elastic siro-spun yarns up to Nm 240/2 that meet the highest requirements.

To produce these yarns we use various elastane fibers such as Lycra, Dorlastan or no-name filaments from 11 dtex to 156 dtex.

As covering, all kinds of fiber materials mentioned under "ring-spun yarns" can be used.

Core-spun yarns hard

Apart from various industrial applications such as automotive industry and conveyor belts, yarns and twisted yarns for the sewing thread industry make up our core competency in this field.

Using high-tenacity polyester filaments (Kosa 712, 455 dtex - 49 dtex) we produce core-spun yarns in poly/poly and poly/cotton.

We pay great attention to the quality of our products. Our yarns and twisted yarns stand out due to high tenacity, evenness and slip resistance. Our range of products comprises yarns from Nm 16/1 to Nm 108/1.

Ring-spun yarns

The great variety of raw materials used for these yarns characterize this field of our assortment: High-quality cotton blends (MS, LS, ELS), which we almost exclusively use combed. We make highest demands to strength, fibre finess, fiber length and purity when choosing the provenances of these blends.

Polyester and polyester is not the same; whether bright, semi-dull, high-tenacity (Tergal 115), low-pill (Trevira 350), antibacterial (Trevira 350 bioactive), soot-grey, grey melange or micro (Tergal 111), we can offer the right fiber for any use.

As regards cellulose we do not confine ourselves to bright and dull viscose fibers, but process modified fibers such as Modal, MicroModal, Lenzing FR, Tencel, Tencel A 100, Tencel LF and Tencel micro as well.

Besides spun polyamide PA 6 and PA 6.6 such as Cordura can be found in our range.

We use these raw materials and their blends to produce ring-spun yarns, twisted yarns and Siro-spun yarns from Nm 20/1 to Nm 200/1 for sportswear, lingerie, work clothing, functional garment, industrial applications and outerwear.

Overview yarns

All yarns with calibrated length, electronically cleaned, spliced. All spinning mills are equiped with foreign fiber detectors. Yarn standards available for all yarns and dd-twisted yarns.

100 % cotton ringyarns, carded and combed
100 % viscose ringyarns
100 % acrylic ringyarns
100 % polyester ringyarns
blends ring- and open end yarns in different combinations
making up conical or cylindrical cross wound bobbins, max diameter up to 30 cm

More infos?

Our sales team is looking forward to giving you more detailed information about our range of products.


Fields of application yarns

Yarns and dd-twist for:

  • weaving
  • warp knitting
  • knitting

For production of:

  • apparel
  • hometextiles
  • technical fabrics